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Found My Place is a creative musical project by me, Merlin Mann. It is generously sponsored by Squarespace, in conjunction with their kind support of the Back to Work podcast I do with my pal Dan Benjamin. I hope you enjoy it, and many thanks to Squarespace for making this possible.

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Song: "Lost in Space"

[MP3] “Lost in Space” by Merlin Mann

Found My Place - Blog - Song: “Lost in Space” on Huffduffer

(As heard in Back to Work #69, “Seven Dwarfs of Bad Emotion”)

This week, another homage. This time to a terrific band from Manchester. It’s called, “Lost in Space.”

Thanks a million to Squarespace for sponsoring Found My Place as well as Back to Work. If you’re not already using Squarespace to host and run some part of your online world—well—shame on you. Really, they’re just the greatest, and Dan and I love using their stuff.

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[MP3] Song: "Lost in Space"