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Found My Place is a creative musical project by me, Merlin Mann. It is generously sponsored by Squarespace, in conjunction with their kind support of the Back to Work podcast I do with my pal Dan Benjamin. I hope you enjoy it, and many thanks to Squarespace for making this possible.

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Song: "Staying Up"

[MP3] “Staying Up” by Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann - “Staying Up” on Huffduffer

(As heard in Back to Work #66: “Horseradish on My Raccoon”)

One of my favorite things about Squarespace is their reliability and uptime. It really is a rock-solid place to hang your stuff.

As a pæan to these Fireball-proof virtues—and a loving tribute to my favorite 80s synthpop band—here’s this week’s tune, “Staying Up.”

If you’re not already using Squarespace to host and run your online world, please consider giving them a spin.

They offer great features, the aforementioned performance, plus a swell new pricing plan that’s crazy affordable. If you sign up this month (May, 2012) with the offer code, goaheadcaller, you’ll get an extra 10% off any subscription that suits you.

And, as ever, I really hope you like the song. Still got two more coming this month, and you can find them right here on Squarespace.

GarageBand file for “Staying Up”

[MP3] "Staying Up" by Merlin Mann